At Sheila MacDonald and Associates we believe that communication is one of the most important aspects of life. We provide comprehensive intervention for all aspects of communication and the cognitive skills that may affect communication. Our services are dedicated to the assessment and treatment of adolescents and adults with brain injuries.

Helping individuals to regain cognitive-communication is about helping them to:

  • Understand, learn, and succeed

  • Exchange ideas and information

  • Express feelings and concerns

  • Assert their decisions, or point of view

  • Convey and solve problems

  • Decide, explain, and discuss

  • Advise, nurture, or comfort

  • Manage their own affairs

  • Be heard, included, and respected.

Communication isn’t just about sounds and words; it’’s about dignity.

Our goal is to help individuals to regain their communication and thinking skills to the greatest extent possible and with the utmost respect for the individual’’s unique needs, circumstances, strengths, hopes and goals. Treatments are individually-designed, clinically-inspired, and evidence-based, drawing on constant review and integration of brain injury research.