Who Benefits from Speech Language Pathology?

Who benefits from our services?

Sheila assists individuals with communication and thinking problems due to acquired brain injuries (ABI) caused by motor vehicle injuries, sports injuries, falls, stroke, seizure, surgery, or infection. Injury severity may range from seemingly “mild” brain injuries or concussions, to severe brain injuries.

Sheila assists individuals who have difficulties with the following:

  • Understanding conversation, instructions, discussions, lectures, new information, movies, meetings

  • Expressing concerns, requests, opinions, ideas, instructions, rationale

  • Participating in conversation, social interaction, work discussions or school presentations

  • Reading social cues, interpreting another’’s point of view, disagreeing in a tactful manner

  • Remembering what is heard, discussed, read, or taught

  • Reading emails, websites, letters, books, work materials or academic materials

  • Writing messages, summaries, essays, assignments, reports, notes, or meeting summaries

  • Talking on the telephone, in presentations, in meetings, with stores and services

  • Communication at home, work, school, or in the community.

Sheila MacDonald offer speech language pathology services.
Communication difficulties can arise from multiple causes including speech muscle movement problems (“dysarthria”, “apraxia”), speech fluency problems (“stuttering”), cognitive or thinking problems (“cognitive-communication disorders”), language problems (“aphasia”), or self-regulation or self-control problems (“social communication”). Communication may also be affected by other factors such as stress or fatigue. For all types of communication disorders, a speech language pathologist can help to identify the nature of the problem and to determine helpful strategies.

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